Push Button Automation Creates A Constant Stream Of Seller Financed Deals

No Money Down – No Credit Necessary

With the click of a button, you can grab the email addresses, phone numbers and house pictures of thousands of motivated Sellers and build your list. With our easy to use, “Intelligent Lead Filter” you can narrow down your marketing to the precise target audience you want to reach.
Not only does the Automarketer system send email campaigns for you, it can also do voiceblast campaigns. These campaigns aren’t free like email, but the cost per lead is very cheap compared to just about any other form of marketing and the lead quality is even higher than email leads.
Professionally copywritten, automated follow-up campaigns are sent to buyers and sellers to convert reluctant leads to signed contracts. Not every lead who comes into the system is ready to go today. Our “Relentless Automated Follow-up” system does all the heavy lifting for you.
Most people prefer to deal with local people when selling and buying a home. This new phone system will allow you to build a team of people located ANYWHERE in the world and give them the look and feel of a local business. The best part – there is no cost to use the system. It’s set up in your Automarketer account. You only pay only for what you use – $3 a month per phone number and 2.5 cents a minute for outgoing calls.
The biggest problem we had with the Automarketer was that we were getting to MANY leads. A great problem to have, but it made it hard to keep up with them all. We built this new CRM system to help you manage your leads.

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